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September 30, 2019
From:  Tom Walker, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (2019-22)
To:          District 5520 Rotary Club Presidents
                Gary King, District Governor
                Reg Rider, District Finance Committee Chair (2019-20)    Rob Butler, District Audit Committee Chair (2019-20)
Subj:      Annual FY2019 Foundation Committee Report
Ref:        (a) Rotary International District 5520 Bylaws Article 5.060 “District Rotary Foundation Committee”
  1. Reference (a) requires an annual report to the membership of District 5520 on the prior year’s District Rotary Foundation Committee activities.
  2. Rotary District 5520 participated in the Global and District Grant programs.  Below is a summary of the use of D5520 District Designated Funds (DDF) during FY 2019.
Carried Forward from FY2018                      $172,564.74
FY2019 SHARE                                                    $116,551.81
50% Endowment SHARE                                     $7,441.24
Total Available DDF                                        $296,557.79                                        Available July 1, 2018
DDF was utilized in the following manner:

Humanitarian Programs

District Grant (DG19-62495)
Global Grants (10)             
Adjustment to Global Grant*
Net Humanitarian Programs
Polio Plus                             
Pool Permanent Fund 
Total Carryover to FY2019
As of June 30, 2019
*GG19-63393 “Nicaragua Pedestrian Footbridge” project was cancelled after having been funded.
3. The District Grant program funding consisted of $61,778.00 of DDF from The Rotary Foundation.  Below is a list of these projects:
DISTRICT GRANTS Calendar Years (2018-2019)
Project Description                                                          
Art Literacy in Local Schools                                          
Tutoring at Horizons                                                        
Albuquerque Del Norte 
Needy Youth Food Backpack Program                      
Albuquerque Del Sol
Dictionary Distribution Project                                    
Albuquerque Sandia
Anti-METH Classroom Education Program              
Distribute Backpacks and School Supplies to Children
Clovis High Plains
Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure Books
Imagination Library of Luna County                           
East El Paso          
Local Neighborhood Park Benches                             
El Paso                   
Holiday Book Distribution                                              
El Paso Camino Real
GED Scholarships to Youth                                            
El Paso Sunrise 
Socks for Children in Need                                             
Fort Stockton      
Community’s El Buen Vecino Rehabilitation Project
Los Alamos           
GED Vouchers & Support for School Training Projects
Los Lunas              
Clothing for Underprivileged Children                      
Playground Equipment for City Park                          
Backpacks & Food for Needy Children                      
Rio Rancho           
Third Grade Tutoring                                                       
Rio Rancho Sunrise
Conduct Jobs Fair for Unemployed in the Community
Silver City             
Books for Kindergarten Children                                 
Website for Local Food Pantry                                     
Manage 15 Small Community Free Libraries & Reading Proj.
Truth or Consequences 
4-Way Test Educational Program for Local Schools             
San Juan County East       
McCormack Elementary School Reading Program                
West El Paso                       
Books for Disadvantaged Pre-K to Fifth Grade Children 
A total of 25 grants were made to 25 clubs for projects involving education, literacy, food security, community development and health.  
Rotarians Rob Butler (CPA & District Audit Committee Chair)(Albuquerque Del Norte), and District Audit
Members Dacia Card (CPA)(Albuquerque Del Sol), Cyndi Maestas Henry (CPA)(El Paso), John Perner (CPA)(Albuquerque Del Norte) and Kimberly Warren (CPA)(Roswell) conducted the Annual Assessment as required by The Rotary Foundation.  They found that the D5520 Foundation Committee adhered to the Financial Management Plan (FMP) and that the FMP is adequate to properly control grant expenditures if procedures are followed but did note the lack of retention of meeting minutes; significant improvement in recordkeeping over last year’s report was noted and several recommendations were provided.
  1. The Global Grant program funded 10 projects with $80,688.00 of District 5520 Designated Funds (DDF).  These projects are listed below:
Grant # 
Host Rotary Club               
Project                                 D5520 DDF         Total Project
Empresarial Piedras Negras
Agua; Educación; etc.       $5,000.00            $41,088.00
Juárez Integra                     
Jugando por una Oport.   $3,000.00            $39,170.00
Empowering Women      $12,668.00            $61,946.00
Navajo Soap Project          $8,000.00            $47,187.00
Jinotega-Las Brumas        
Nicaragua Bridge              $15,000.00         $102,000.00 (est)
Ejecutivo de Aguascalientes
Extracción de Amor y        $6,000.00            $41,356.00        
La Paz San Jorge                 
Women Empowerment   $8,500.00             $56,388.00
La Paz San Jorge                 
Clean Water in Bolivia   $8,500.00                $36,550.00
Ciudad  Juárez Ejecutivo
Corazon de Ninos               $9,500.00            $67,950.00
Juárez Conecta                   
Equipamiento a Banco   $4,500.00               $33,530.00
                                                $80,668.00          $537,265.00
*GG19-63393 “Nicaragua Pedestrian Footbridge” project was cancelled after having been funded.
Five other District 5520-related Global Grants were closed in the 2018-19 Rotary year.  These projects are listed below:
Grant # 
Host Rotary Club               
Project                                 D5520 DDF
Total Project
Saltillo Cien                          
El Nodo                                  $6,500.00
Ramos Arizpe                      
Agua Potable Para Todos $6,500.00
Ciudad Juárez Chamizal 
Programa de Horario        $6,500.00
Ciudad Juárez Ejecutivo 
Potable Water Supply       $4,500.00
La Paz San Jorge                 
Empowering Women        $8,500.00
  1. Rotarians and clubs contributed $368,495.59 to the Annual Program Fund (APF), or $156.61 per Rotarian, which is the second highest for District 5520; this was about 290% of the district’s $127,200.00 goal and 147% of the district’s $250,000 average annual giving.  24 of 68 clubs set Foundation Giving Goals.  54 clubs contributed to the Annual Fund and thirty-eight (38) clubs averaged $100 per person or greater, a record!
FY 2019 (2018-19) District 5520 Contributions to The Rotary Foundation

Fund                                                                                      Total Giving                                        Per Capita

Annual Program Fund (Unrestricted)                       $368,495.59*                                     $156.61 Polio Plus (Restricted)                                                          $50,696.68                                         $21.55 Global Grants (Restricted)                                          $57,941.51

Endowment Fund                                                             $176,322.71                                         $74.94

Total                                                                                      $653,456.49                                        $277.71
*Includes $9,0005.13 of Area of Focus and World Fund Giving which, being restricted, will not generate DDF.
Giving to The Rotary Foundation during 2018-2019 set all-time District 5520 records for Endowment Fund Giving, Total Giving and Total Giving Per CapitaAnnual Program Fund (APF) Giving and APF Per Capita were second only to that of 2016-17’s $393,127.75 and $158.33/capita.
At the Zone Institute in Denver, September 6-8, 2019, Rotary District 5520 was recognized in the (old) Zone 27 achievements in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) as follows:
  • Total Foundation Giving: #3 ($653,456) (a D5520 record)
  • Annual Fund Giving: #2 ($368,496)
  • Annual Fund Per Capita Giving: #3 ($157.00) (a D5520 record)
  • Endowment Fund Giving: #1 ($176,323) (a D5520 record)
  • “Other” (Generally Global Grants) Giving: #1 ($58,942)
  • Paul Harris Society Members: #3 (163)
  • Club Participation in Global Grants: #3 (31%)
  • TRF Certificate of Appreciation for Contributing 20% of 2018-19 District Designated Funds (DDF) to Polio Eradication
  1. Overall, District 5520’s clubs and donors contributed $50,696.68 to the Polio Plus campaign (see above).  At the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, then-President John Germ announced a new Polio matching offer from the Gates Foundation… that is, the Gates will double-match Rotarian contributions to polio eradication up to $50M per year.  $50M spread across Rotary’s 1.22M membership works out to about $42.00 per person.  District 5520 also contributed $23,310.36 DDF to Polio Plus which was The Rotary Foundation’s goal of 20% of the year’s DDF.
  1. Twelve clubs received “Make History Today” Polio Plus Campaign Certificates of Appreciation for donating
$1,500 or more to Polio Plus (listed alphabetically): Albuquerque, Albuquerque Del Norte, Albuquerque Del Sol, El Paso, Fort Stockton, Hobbs, Los Alamos, Roswell, Santa Fe, Silver City, Socorro, and White Sands (Alamogordo).
  1. Eleven clubs received Banner Recognition for Annual Fund Giving.  The top three clubs recognized for the highest Annual Fund per capita giving were Albuquerque Del Norte ($712.55); Taos-Milagro ($306.56); and, Albuquerque ($303.58).  Eleven clubs received Banner Recognition for 100 percent Foundation Giving and Every
Rotarian Every Year: Albuquerque Del Norte, Anthony, East El Paso, El Paso Sunrise, Las Cruces (Rio Grande), Mountainair, Portales, Raton, Rio Rancho Sunrise, Tucumcari and White Sands (Alamogordo). Nine clubs received EREY Banner Recognition: Albuquerque Del Norte, East El Paso, El Paso Sunrise, Las Cruces (Rio Grande), Mountainair, Portales, Raton, Rio Rancho Sunrise, and Tucumcari.
  1. The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Sol nominated a candidate to attend Rotary’s Peace “Short Course” at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.  Also, the Rotary Clubs of Los Alamos and Santa Fe each nominated candidates for the master’s degree programs.  District 5520 supported their applications to The Rotary
Foundation; selections for these programs will be announced in November.  Jaclyn McAlester, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia, was selected last fall in a worldwide competition and recently began her studies at International Christian University in Tokyo.
  1. District 5520 members continue to support The Rotary Foundation through various giving programs; a summary of the support of these programs is provided below:

Program/Level                                                                  Members

Paul Harris Fellow                                                              1398*
Paul Harris Society                                                              160* Major Donor Level One                                                    47
Major Donor Level Two                                                         7
Major Donor Level Three                                                     3
Major Donor Level Four                                                        1
Arch Klump Society – Trustee’s Circle                             1
Arch Kump Society – Chair’s Circle                                   1
Arch Klump Society – Foundation Circle                         3
Bequest Society – Level One                                             44
Bequest Society – Level Two                                             14
Bequest Society – Level Three                                            4
Bequest Society – Level Four                                              2
Bequest Society – Level Five                                               0
Bequest Society – Level Six                                                  2
Bequest Society – Level Seven                                           0
Benefactor                                                                               95*
*As of 2 September 2019
Arch Klumph Society recognition levels are defined as follows:  Level One (Trustee’s Circle) – US$250,000 to $499,999; Level Two (Chair’s Circle) – US$500,000 to $999,999; Level Three (Foundation Circle) – US$1,000,000 to $2,499,999.
Major Donor recognition levels are defined as follows: Level One – US$10,000 to $24,999; Level Two – US$25,000 to $49,999; Level Three – US$50,000 to $99,999; Level Four US$100,000 to $249,999.
Bequest Society recognition levels are defined as follows: Level One – US$10,000 to $24,999; Level Two – US$25,000 to $49,999; Level Three – US$50,000 to $99,999; Level Four – US$100,000 to $249,999; Level Five – US$250,000 to $499,999; Level Six – US$500,000 to $999,999; Level Seven – US$ $1,000,000 and above.
Benefactors pledge a future gift of at least $1,000.
Paul Harris Society recognizes those members who pledge to try to contribute $1,000 per year.
Tom Walker
Rotary District 5520 Foundation Committee Chair (2010-13, 2016-17, 2019-)