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United States of America

We are excited to extend an invitation to all Rotarians to join us for a special RYLA training session, aimed at ensuring the success of our upcoming 2024 RYLA program. Your participation is crucial to help our young leaders achieve their maximum potential during this event.

The objective of this training session is threefold:

  • RYLA Requirements Overview: We will provide a comprehensive overview of the RYLA program's requirements, ensuring that everyone is well-informed about what it takes to make this experience truly impactful for our youth participants.
  • Maximizing RYLA Camp Capacity: Our goal is to map out strategies to maximize the camp's capacity to its fullest potential.
  • Ideas Exchange for Success: This session will create a platform for open dialogue and idea-sharing. We encourage all participants to come prepared with suggestions, experiences, and insights that can contribute to the overall success of RYLA.